Golden Teacher

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Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teacher Mushrooms.

A spiritual classic that has been around for ages.  The shining yellow-gold caps and wise teachings give this mushroom strain it’s rightful name. With a magic mushroom grow kit from this psilocybe cubensis you can expect medium size to large mushrooms with wide caps, ideal for spore printing.

Golden Teacher mushrooms are a rare variant of Psilocybe Cubensis that are also one of the most popular and sought-after strains available. It has become popular for the notoriety surrounding its’ origins, leaving many mycologists and mushroom enthusiasts confused. Unlike regular cubensis strains, Golden Teacher mushrooms are known for their irrefutable potency and extreme psychedelic effects. Their name comes from their shimmering golden caps, as well as its’ cerebral, thought-provoking and reflective trip. A very unique feature of this specific cubensis strain is its’ size – these mushrooms grow to be extra large, with thick stalks and wide caps. Golden Teacher magic mushrooms are renowned for their positive and reliable trips, lessening the chances of users having an unfortunate or negative experience. For those who are new to the magical world of mushrooms, Golden Teachers act as the perfect gateway in moderate doses. You can expect intense visual sensations and experiences from this trip, but what makes this specific strain of mushrooms so special is its’ cerebral nature. At higher doses, experienced users will feel enlightened from their psychedelic experience, gaining a sense of transcendence and knowledge.

Some believe a specimen of the Golden Teacher was found growing wild in Florida, appearing first during the mid 1980’s. The word spread around fast, mainly because of the recognizable golden caps with yellow speckles on it.  Compared to other Psilocybe Cubensis types, the Golden Teacher magic mushrooms are quite large and elegant in its appearance.

There is a story that the Golden Teacher was actually a Hawaiian PES, renamed by an Dutch grower, because:  “sometimes right before the veils break when the primordia are at their largest size before becoming mature, the entire shroom can have a golden yellowish color which vanishes when maturity starts to set in. ” Source:

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3 reviews for Golden Teacher

  1. Ann

    Holly shit! Dude I went paintballing on just a 1.5 of mushrooms and I played the best I ever have in my life, was the only one using a renters gun too

  2. Labrittany Contreras

    omg I saw the eyeballs everywhere, tiny little eyeballs on 1.5 golden teacher!

  3. Paul Peterson

    im on 5g’s of mushrooms and im really thankful you guys have taken the time and effort to make this make this my way. i really appreciate it as i am on this journey. wish i had in person guides like yourselves. (trying to manifest them) 🙏😁

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