The chocolate bar contains an impressive 1,500 mg. of psilocybin, making this treat great for new and experienced consumers alike. Each square contains 100 mg. of pure magic mushroom goodness. SHOP NOW!


2 reviews for Cubensis chocolate bar

  1. NikkiP

    I hadn’t eaten shrooms in years so I started with one square, over the course of the evening I ate the whole thing and had a good time. Really wasn’t too much. I would have eaten the whole thing at once, I think the visuals would have been more intense if I had done this. Wasn’t bad, but not an over-the-top, psychedelic experience.

  2. Joey wheele

    chocolate bars has always been my favorite. Always feel so happy. I’ve had trips where I’ve cried from how beautiful things are.
    Psychedelics have changed my life for the better

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