300ug LSD

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  1. Tonny kens

    Did this like 20 times the last couple of weeks and this is by far the best Simulation. Every trip is unique but this right here summs it up the best way possible. On every peak I have visuals just like on 1:32. I never knew how to describe Acid Visuals to people that don’t know it, but now I can show them and it really is 90% identical to my visuals.

  2. Kamen L.

    Fruit on acid is next level! I had this with fruits and tasted like the fruit Adam & Eve must’ve bit into – life changing

  3. Astrophile Gypsy

    Never had a bad trip on lsd or shrooms. I have done dmt and have come across the jesters everyone talks about. They seemed to be laughing at me. Thanks for reaching out i appreciate.

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