Awesome, we are excited for you. If you approach this correctly, this could represent a massive turning point in your life.

Now, let’s take a bit of a step back. An ayahuasca retreat is not REALLY what you are looking for.

What you probably want is improvements to your quality of life:

You want vibrant physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and to let go of any limiting beliefs and behaviors, and past trauma.
You want to be happy, to feel connected, to have great relationships, and live each moment with more joy, love, and peace.
You want clarity. You want to wake up each morning motivated and excited, doing work that you care about, that adds to the world, and that brings abundance for you and your loved ones.
You want to be inspired to accelerate your evolution and create your dream life.
If these are the things you’re looking for, then you’re in the right place.


In this context, we would encourage you to think of an ayahuasca retreat as a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals. With the right guidance, preparation, and integration, an ayahuasca retreat can provide invaluable healing, insights, and lessons. However, much more than “just a retreat” is required to help you to realize and sustain its transformational benefits.

In a nutshell, here is what the science tells us about the benefits of ayahuasca and plant medicine more broadly:

It is proven to improve your “joy for life”
It is proven to enhance your “relationship to the sacred / spirituality”
It does not remove “feelings of negativity / toxicity”
If you consider the results of this research, it makes perfect sense. If there was a miracle cure that fixed all our problems, we would be robbed of self-determination in our evolution.

It would be like winning a prize for a marathon you didn’t run – an empty, tasteless victory.

‍What would be the point of life itself?
So ayahuasca can help us realize our joyous nature and deepen our spiritual connection, but it cannot and does not do the mental and emotional work for us. That is our path to walk, our work to be done in this life.

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